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From product recommendations to product developement, contact us for any unmanned systems consulting.

Pilot Accessories

When controlling a remote vehicle, mission safety begins with the operator and his environment. Having the latest & safest tools, awards confidence and can improve overall mission success.

Crew Safety

The support team of humans behind unmanned operations are vital. High-visibility apparel, launch & recovery equipment, and communication tools all help dial-in workflows.

Custom Project

Have an idea or need for a specific piece of equipment in the unmanned systems industry? Let's develop a solution, build a prototype, and solve a problem.

Our Mission

Since 2013, Pioneer Drones has been creating hardware & software aimed at improving the safety and reliability of unmanned aircraft operations. The technology of remote vehicles is expanding at a rapid pace, meaning the more people providing services with UAS equipment, the higher potential for accidents and slip-ups. Our goal is to reduce the common problems found while flying commercial and industrial drones, ultimately increasing safety.

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Christopher Schmidt
CEO & Technician
Glenn Schmidt
Sales & Customer Support
Ryan Krandall
Product Development & Designer

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We create safety.

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